Brain Snackers

Brain Snackers
It has been months since the outbreak struck. The virus spread quickly, without containment or cure. The human population became an endangered species within days. Panicked residents locked their doors, only to starve waiting for help or die in the streets foraging for supplies. They rose again, just as ravenous as they fell; but with a newfound craving for flesh.
You awaken untouched, abandoned, and alone. You scramble to your feet as the memories of the last few months flash through your mind. Moans echo around you, and the shuffling of feet draws near...

Movement:W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys
Action: CTRL or CLICK
Pickup or Use: SPACE
Equip: 1,2,3 or CLICK SLOT
Drop: SHIFT + 1,2,3 or SHIFT + CLICK SLOT

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