Mutant Zombie Monster

Mutant Zombie Monster html5 game

Hundred's of years ago, you lived as one of Fairview's founding fathers. Back then it was a prosperous city that anyone would be proud to be a citizen of. After a great and fullfilling life, you were buried in the beautiful Fairview Cemetary located in the rolling hills just outside of town. Since your death, many industrial companies have taken over the city and now something has gone terribly wrong. Toxic waste from a major company, Psylo-tek, has caused the undead to awaken and mutate into grotesque and dangerous monsters. After rising from the dead yourself, you realize that you do not have the blood-thirsty desire to kill like the other zombies do and actually have a shred of humanity left in your bones. As a skeleton back from the dead armed with a supply of scythes and a semi-automatic rifle, you set out to stop the undead uprising in Fairview and those who let this happen to the once beautiful city will pay.

Technical Information
Mutant Zombie Monsters is a free HTML5 game written purely in javascript by Ascended Arts. The game utilizies the Impact javascript game engine. HTML5 provides a great cross-platform development environment as web browsers become more and more capable with HTML's features and javascript rendering. Mutant Zombie Monsters should work well whether you are on an iphone, ipod, ipad, android phone, or desktop!

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