Buglets html5 game

It's a an addictive Pokémon-like game which is constantly growing. Engage battle with other wild creatures. Stunning graphics and simply cool effects enrich the whole battling experience, plus a day / night system for extra realism. Train your Buglets and level them up, for them to learn more battle moves and grow in attributes. Remember, a Buglet grows more when trained by a player!

Buglets is built on HTML 5 and CSS 3. This means it can reach any platform - mobile, desktop, TV - and with just a few GUI adjustments and tweaks, it's ready to be used by a touch, pointer or selector interface.

It uses Pixelsize Artise as engine. This means three big things: the development is modular and fast, making it easy to improve the game and keep it scalable. It can be translated at any time to any language, without adding extra lines of code per language. And, thanks to Artise's structure where code stands on one side and design on another, we can make new interfaces for more devices or update the current ones in no time, without changes in the source code, again. This will make it easy to, in the near future, make the game accessible by anyone: in any device, from any language.

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