Social Wars

In a distant land of digital cyberspace there lived two social giants, one had a book for a face and the other could only communicate by tweeting.

For many years they lived side by side and had a similar purpose in life but they went about their lives in very different ways. People grew fond of the giants but rarely did people give them the same amount of love and attention. The tension between them began to grow until one day their relationship finally broke down and the two giants began to fight.

Today, the war still continues to rage and remains unresolved. They now call for your help...

Step 1: Choose your side...

There are 2 game modes:
Facebook vs Twitter - Choose the giant you want to defend and help determine which social network is the ultimate champion.
Facebook players are robots trying to defeat all the birds
Twitter players are birds tying to defeat all the robots

Free For All (FFA) - defeat anyone and everyone.
Step 2: Fire at the Enemy

Using the arrow keys move around the scary arena to hunt your prey.
Press space bar to fire at the enemy.
Facebook robots will fire nets and Twitter birds will throw eggs at the opponent.
5 direct hits and it's game over!

Social-Wars is a retro doom-like fps multiplayer shoot-em-up where Facebook players play against Twitter. Using 100% HTML5, canvas And websockets! This game does not use WebGL

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